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BENT Glossary


Denotes a marketing operation, in this case it refers to that on email.


They are used for sending emails.


Any action as desired by you when performed by the recipient on receipt of your mail including a simple click, or a vote, or a subscription.

Black list

Blacklisting is where an IP has been marked for sending unsolicited mails and this list is used by ISPs for keeping the volume of unsolicited emails less.

White list

individuals who have subscribed or approved list to which emails can be sent.

Suppression list

if an individual unsubscribes, their email id is placed in this list to ensure that the account doesn’t feature in the white list.

Soft bounce

this is when the recipient cannot be reached temporarily for the inbox is full or there is some server connection issue.

Hard bounce

if the email is not delivered, say for lack of valid email id.


the percentage of users who click on the link in your email is the Click Through Rate (CTR)


– Return on Investment, this is what you profit from any service like the Email marketing.


Short for Sender Policy Framework, it helps in finding the weakness of the source address and helps with minimizing spam.

Sender ID

Improve SPF when it is not able to authenticate the email header address to identify the sender.


This act which came into existence in 2003 governs the standard to be followed for email marketing in mass volumes. As part of this Act, it is important that any email campaign has clear link for unsubscription, sender’s physical address, and not misleading.


short for Domain Name System, it is the internet’s phone book.

MX record

exchange record which is used for delivering the emails based on priority and liking.


the means of associating a domain name with an email id so that the recipient can validate the message is DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).


the address on internet, from which you are sending your email.


This is when you ensure that your emails do not appear generic but are customized to address the recipient, making them feel special.

Email marketing

a growing ad marketing campaign and is used by different organizations for different purposes. It is much cost effective than the traditional modes.


for Internet Service Provider, this helps in connecting to customers through internet.

Feedback loop

any complaint or feedback received by the ISP is sent to the sender like the case where emails are being categorized as spam for their high volumes.

IP address

this is a unique number for every device and it helps in tracking the origin or location of the device.

Opt in

when a customer subscribes to receive your email notifications or campaigning emails.

Opt out

when a customer unsubscribes to receive high volume emails from you.

Open rate

The number of emails which were opened by the recipients out of the total number of emails that are sent.


Any person (email id or more information could be available) who is interested in the offer you have shared over email.