Do you want to know what your competition is doing different than you? Would you like to know the keywords that others are paying more attention to? Well, you can do that and much more with the new BENT SEO TOOLS.

BENT SEO TOOLS do not just help you to research your competition, it also helps to analyze keyword density, check your existing links and build more, check for backlinks, help making your page SEO rich, and most importantly helps making your website the ideal site to feature in searches made through many different search engines like Google and Bing.

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Here is a glimpse of the different SEO tools that you can use from BENT Enterprises.

Google SERP

SERP as you can see refers to Search Engine Results Page and yes, this tool will help you find your ranking on Google based on all your keywords currently in place. It checks for the pages displayed until 250 websites and let you know where your website is featured and how many times and for which keywords. Wouldn’t we want to know where we stand so that we can improve?


If there is a search engine used as much as Google, then it is definitely Bing, in terms of the web traffic and you definitely don’t want to lose out on your ranking in this place either. So, get to know where you stand first so that you can start working on those keywords that doesn’t bring in the desired results. Know your ranking without paying a hefty fee, with BENT SEO Tools. Register to use them for free!

High quality back links

This tool will show you the first 100 best back links of the highest quality that points to your site, along with the category of the site, strength, the anchor text, etc.

New Back links

The latest 100 back links which are pointing to your website is listed down in front of you as you use this tool.

Poor Back links

As the name infers, get to know the top 100 back links of bad quality that refers to your website so that you can work on them.

Top Search Queries

The tool is designed to let you know the top queries in search engines that lead people to your website. The tool also provides you with an estimate on search volume every month, % of search that is instigated by every query and CPC.

Indexed pages

Get the count of the pages indexed by both the search engines Google and Bing for your website.


Helps find out the rules and sitemaps using the robots.txt file for your website and display the same in a tabular column for better understanding.

Top Referrers

Get to know the details of the websites that help bring more traffic into your page along with the statistics on back links for these sites as well.

Speed test

Responsiveness is one of the key factors which make any website successful. Want to know how fast and responsive is your website? Well, use this tool to check the speed of your website, with a score on the speed and recommendations for improving the speed from Google.


Your website is scanned to find out the sitemaps and statistics on each sitemap, with the format, the status code, entries for every sitemap and how hard is the sitemap to get identified by Google or Bing, in percentile, etc.

Submit Sitemaps

If you have just started your website or you have recently rejuvenated your website, then you should use this tool for submitting the sitemaps of your new and rejuvenated website.

Link Analysis

The tool is designed to check for the links on your webpage, the incoming and the outgoing links, along with the nofollow and dofollow information, in an organized manner for easy comprehension.

Keyword density

All the words or phrases that are used very commonly across your website are compared with the meta description, the page title and help you analyze on the impact of these keywords in improving your search ranks in both Google and Bing search engines.

Extract meta tags

Get all your meta tags analyzed to find out whether they are used by Google, Bing, etc. to know the usability of the same.

Alexa Rank

the global rank of your website including information on the country in which it performs well and in those where it needs to be improved.

Crawlability test

Check and find out if each of your page can be indexed or crawled or both by Google. The tool works by parsing your robots.txt file. You have to enter the URL for the page and find out the status of the same.

Mobile support

While your websites might be quite compatible on mobiles, does Google tell the users that the website is mobile friendly? It is quite important so that your website becomes a much preferred site. The tool will check for the styles, the style sheets and the meta tags to arrive at the result on whether the website is mobile friendly or not.

Keyword research

For every keyword, now you can find out the approximate search volume per month, its market value and CPC. You will also get keywords that are relevant or similar to the keywords you have entered.


Check for issues on the returned headers and you can do that for multiple pages in one shot. You can also check for any redirection and whether the same is a temporary or a permanent one as well.


Check the competitors for every keyword, their strength, their page ranking, back links count (unique as well) and even percentage of back links that are nofollow for your competitors.

All of the above tools and many more that can improve your website performance are available under BENT SEO Tools and you can use them for free by simply registering with us!

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