Competitive SEO and ppc or pay per click advertising

Competitive SEO

With the perfect combination of diversified link building off-page and extensive optimization on page, our Competitive SEO packages are designed for those looking to gear up their SEO campaigns. The package comes with options for a monthly submission of diverse off pages and reaches out using other options like PDF submissions and video creations, etc.

Competitive Commercial

$1,999/MONTH    $4,497/MONTH

Aggressive SEO campaigns designed for industries where competition is very high with a target of up to 50 keywords and a search volume that reaches to 20000 @ 2000 for every keyword group.

Campaign Duration

6 Months

No. of Targeted Keywords

Maximum 50 Keywords

Keyword Group

Only 10 groups

Monthly Search Volume

Maximum 20000


  • Our campaigns marketing strategies are tailor-made which helps to track your dashboard rankings. Our extensive training program enables the customer to setup his/her own dashboard for their client to view and access keyboard ranking progress, website traffic reporting, Google SERP’s reports and other mandatory data.
  • We provide a holistic solution to the website before it is visible online to the clientele by correcting any missing bits, patching any loophole in the strategy, intensive keyword research, mapping, and grouping.
  • Our dedicated team works on ON-Page optimization (up to 5 pages) for better online search results by correcting content directly on the website. The work includes web copywriting, improving Meta description and title tags and URL rewrites.
  • For relevant search results, we recommend Rich snippet such as Breadcrumbs.
  • Initially, we will list your website among highly searched local websites. Will help to analysis statistics by data aggregation and on monthly basis will enhance the website information by creating rich media citation.
  • Other lucrative services we offer are creating customized reports for rebranding, Site assessment report to optimize the search result, On-page Report, Executive summary report for comprehensive analysis and evaluation on monthly basis.


Apart from the above, Google Analytics, reports on links and ranking are made available in the dashboard of the agency and an executive summary is sent across every month for each campaign automatically.

  • Website Scrutiny
  • Optimization of Pages (up to 20 pages)
  • Targeted keyword research
  • Grouping Keywords for relevant search results
  • Mapping Keywords for effective search
  • SEO Road Map for precise strategy.
  • Creative help in writing Blog.

  • Webpage Copywriting (up to 10 pages) for prolific online marketing.
  • Title Tag Optimization (Maximum 20 Titles) to enhance user experience while searching.
  • Meta Description Optimization (maximum 20 Meta description) helps in optimizing search engine result.
  • Meta Keyword Optimization (maximum 20 Meta Keywords) helps to get relevant search results.

  • Optimization of domain redirects
  • .xml Site Map enhancement.

  • A Robot.txt Check is a tool which helps to market the website in an effective way.
  • URL modifications (up to 20 URL rewrites) reinforces search criteria.
  • Broken Link Report helps in maintaining smooth functioning of the site.
  • Google Analytics Tracking System helps to get real time report.
  • Google Search Console Dashboard Tracking helps to check any unforeseen error.
  • Breadcrumbs: Is a structured data markup which enhances the appearance of the site.

  • Creating page on Facebook
  • Creating Google+ account
  • Creating Twitter account
  • Advertisement of the website in Magazines or via News (limited to 3 articles).
  • Outreach through blog post (2 articles).

  • Blog posting onsite (1 article)
  • Creation and submission of videos (limited to 3 sites)
  • On site content for blog post (2 article)
  • Blog Posting Service (limited to 7 articles)
  • Posting in local Magazines and News (limited to 7 articles)
  • Creation and submission of press release
  • Creation and submission of PDF
  • Creation and submission of videos (3 sites)

What do you mean by Competitive SEO?

Designed for businesses where the competition is a notch higher than usual, the competitive SEO packages we offer come with more content, diversified portfolio, more keywords and many more activities for building links. It is designed to provide you an edge over your competition.

Who is it designed for?

When you have a business with competitors who are already using the SEO campaigns to build up their ranks, you need something extra to stay ahead. Also when you are running a diverse business portfolio, you want to be ranked on all that you offer. In both the cases, you need a better step ahead and competitive SEO provides you just that.

Can the package be split for targeting different websites?

It is recommended that in such cases, you opt for the organic SEO model rather than the competitive SEO.

Are there any other SEO packages bigger and powerful than this one?

We do have packages that are bigger and more potent and we also offer the option to customize your packages to meet with your business requirements. Our project manager / consultant will help you decide on which package will work out more favorable to your business conditions. This is a decision taken based on multiple factors like, the digital footprint made by the existing site and the power it holds in the internet currently. Not every website will benefit from a competitive program and if your website may not benefit from it, our consultants will strictly advise you against using the same.

Does your package cover other CMS or only WordPress?

Our packages are designed to be compatible with every PHP platform and technology as far as it is on an open source. However, we may not be able to help you in implementing the same for websites powered by Microsoft due to the compatibility issue of our server with the same. We recommend WordPress for it is quite easy to use and our staffs are also well versed with the same.

If your site optimization includes building a new page outside WordPress, implementation in Drupal, Joomla, Magento, HTML, native PHP, etc., customized posts in WordPress, then you will be incurring charges additionally. You can get in touch with our project manager or consultant to know the cost involved.

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