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Making Alterations to Company Information

A registered business needs to pass through due process, before any changes can be made in the company. Changes regarding name of business, location, contact information, board members and so many more should be done in the state were the business was founded by filing Articles of Amendment.

What Are Articles of Amendment?

These are legal documents that have to be filed at any point in time, where a company or an organization wants to change its legal name. You cannot use a new name for your company unless these documents have been filed and treated. Companies that operate in different states are not allowed to change their names until these documents have been filed.

The procedure for amending company name

Businesses are only allowed to interact or transact with their target market using the name that was filled out during formation. When you change your business name, you have to file an amendment article that has been approved before you can use it. The name changing process is usually termed entity name amendment.

Companies or start-up businesses are to file their change of name request to the articles of incorporation. The incorporation reviews the article of amendment and decides whether it is approved or not. On approval, the name change can be assumed by the organizations board of directors or the start-up’s managers, unless otherwise stated.

Changing a name depends of various factors, one of which is the accessibility of the name

Any change in company name has to be unused by another business. The incorporation in the state where the business is formed goes through state records to find out if the name has already been used. If this is the case, your article of amendment will not be approved.

Our service helps make things a lot easier by ensuring that you don’t run into this glitch. We perform the proper research necessary to discover if your new name has already been used, before submitting the article of amendment.

When filing an article of amendment with us, we ensure that you leave us with some back up names in case the first name you chose is not available. After running our name search, if the names given to us match the names of businesses in the system, we will contact you for more options.

If you don’t want to file an article of amendment but would still like to change your company name, filing a trade name works just as well. The trade name simply means you will have a tag “doing business as” attached to your business name.

On approval, you have to notify the IRS and other agencies as the change in name only extend to your businesses; things like federal tax or any licence created in the old business name remains the same.

Can you file other articles of amendment?

Changing your company name is not the only thing you can do, as long as there are other articles in your business file you can change those too.

Article of amendment for business owners

This procedure is not as simple as changing a company name but it is not impossible. Amendment of owner articles includes changing the names and addresses of the business owners.  You could also change the names and addresses of people who don’t directly own the business, but help it run all the same; for instance, the board of directors.

Article of amendment for Business Address

The incorporation article includes the old mailing address which is used by the state to send notifications or reminders like the annual report.  If you move your business to a location different from the one in the states record, you need to file an article of amendment.

Articles of amendment for a Registered Agent

The states mandate every business to have one registered agent continuously working in the name of this business. If the registered agent is changed, an amendment has to be filed.

Other articles of amendment

If you plan of changing your open corporation to a closed one, you can file an amendment for that. Articles containing information about shares and their values can be changed as well

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