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The Process of Certifying Documents for International Use

Legal documents that have been tendered and issued in the United States can be certified for international use through an embassy of the country that it is to be used. Certifying documents for international use come in handy when a business is trying to expand globally, and as such needs to have an international bank account for business transactions. It can also be used as evidence of existence in cases where a contract has been made with an international business.
Getting these documents certified in the United States doesn’t hold water in international cases. The only way to render these documents valid is by having an apostille attached to it. The apostille is used for countries that are Hague convention signatories. If you need to certify documents for countries that are not in this list, then an embassy for the designated country would work just as much

What Is an Apostle’sPurpose?

Apostille is a seal which is used by a relevant government power figure for certification of legal documents.
As said above, the seal is used for countries that are Hague convention signatories. The trend came about when the participants of TheHague convention unanimously agreed to put a stop to the stressful process involved certifying foreign documents. Getting your documents certified at the time meant you would have to visit four different authority figures for a seal.
The United States is one of the countries who signed this bill into law. This means that any business in the united states can get an apostille for any legal document that has been issued by a relevant government authority as long as the country for which the business is getting the certification for is within the confines of the Hague convention agreement.
Getting an apostille is not an easy feat. Some states require business to first acquire the original legal document, after which a copy of this original document is certified by the relevant authorities. These two documents have to be sent to the agency that produced them, for an apostille, after which it is sent to the secretary of state in the state of business formation, for another apostille.

When Do You Need To Get An Embassy Certification?

The countries which did not sign the law into place in The Hague convention cannot have any legal documents certified with an apostille, as they don’t recognize this. Rather these countries accept seals from their embassy in the country where the business was formed. These documents have to be legalized by a consular officer in the country where the document was created.
How this is done, is that the legal document is first certified by a state authority in the country, after which it is sent for authentication by the department of state in Washington. When the document has been proven to be legitimate by the department of state, it is finally sent to the consular officer for proper certification for international use.

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