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Enlisting the Services of A Registered Agent

It is mandated by the state for organizations or start-up businesses to have a registered agent for their businesses. A registered agent receives legal document on behalf of the company; that means that anything from state reminders to petitions are to be sent to the registered agents office.

The registered agent doesn’t have to be in the field of law, in fact it could be anybody with the condition that they open during the day and have an address that is not virtual/

The Function of A Registered Agent

Registered agents are gotten by business in the state which they were formed for a consistent mailing address through which government agencies can send legal documents. This works best when the company has different branches in the state, because all written communication can be sent to this address. Documents like reminders for annual reports, tax payments or deviation from the law are sent to the registered agent.

As it is compulsory for every business to have a registered agent currently working at any point in time, the government requires this agent’s information to be recorded with the incorporation in which the business was formed, or the businesses could get suspended

Rules for a Registered Agent

Anyone who agrees to be a registered agent has to be qualified for the job. Qualified registered agents have to follow some rules which are:
Allowing the business you are employed in to list your name and contact information in the states records. This means anyone can get your address at any time.
When you move to another location, you have to notify the government of this change. This you can do by filing a change of state address in the state where the business was founded.
This scrutiny and mandatory recording of information to be available to the public might not work out for you. You could use a registered agent which already has a professional address where correspondence gets sent to

The Cost Effectiveness of Enlisting The Services Of A Registered Agent

A business cannot have a good standing with the state without an employed registered agent in the business. This is not to say that the contract of the registered agent cannot be terminated. You can terminate services at any point in time with the condition that you employ another registered agent straight away while informing the government of the change. The cost of maintaining a registered agent is $99 every year, but it has to be paid before the employee can resume services.

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