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The Process For Getting A Tobacco License

Tobacco license which are to be granted by state or local authorities can only be issued on the basis of certain requirements. These licenses are given depending on the location of the business and the type of tobacco business; for instance, the requirements for obtaining a cigarette license are quite tough while its tobacco counterparts have lax requirements. These businesses cannot operate without these licenses, and can be penalized for failing to keep to the required behaviour for license holders.

What A Tobacco License For Retail Businesses Entail.

A retail license is a legal document stating that a retail business is allowed to buy cigarettes or tobacco products and sell them to consumers, as issued by the state authorities in accordance to the laws of the states.

Retailers sell cigarettes or tobacco products directly to the people who consume them. They as well as wholesalers have a direct link to their customers, and as such it is the duty of a retailer to have a cigarettes license, renewing it every year to avoid penalties.

Most states make it mandatory for retailers to obtain licenses in the areas they operate. All that is needed is an application form and a fee which is paid only once, except in cases where the retailer does not renew their licenses before the deadline, thereby incurring penalty charges in the form of reinstatement fee. It is illegal to sell tobacco without a license, and as such each retail outlet has to have a license placed in a visible area.

What A Tobacco License For Manufacturing Businesses Entail

We offer tobacco manufacturing services for new manufactures and pre-existing ones. Manufactures are required to get two licenses; one from the federal authorities (alcohol and tobacco tax and trade bureau), and the other from state authorities in the state where the manufacturing company is located.

What A Tobacco License For Wholesale Businesses Entail.

These businesses are required to get cigarette licenses in the states where they perform their business transactions.
Our services are completely geared to cater to getting you a wholesale tobacco license.

What A Tobacco License For Importer Or Exporter Businesses Entail.

As with the manufacturer types of businesses, they are required to obtain two licenses one from the alcohol and tobacco tax and trade bureau and the other from the state where you plan on carrying out business transactions. Obtaining a license from the trade bureau is necessary for exporters who intend to do so without paying taxes.
We offer service in tune with getting your businesses an importer/exporter tobacco license.

What You Need To Do When You Have A License

Tobacco licence holders are required under the law to keep accurate records of their tobacco transactions, whetherit’s manufacturing or selling these products. They are also required to

  • Give the board of directors or agencies qualified to review invoices access to said invoices at any point in time
  • Put the license in a place that is visible to all and sundry
  • Keep invoices of tobacco transactions complete for at least four years
  • Make sure the invoices are at the place stated on the license for a year after the license is issued.

How Many Licenses Do You Need?

It is possible to submit one application to cover all your retail stores, but on application you must require licenses for each of the retail stores in their various locations. This means you have to pay fees for each of these retail stores.

Does Your Tobacco LicenseExpire?

Yes, your tobacco license is only active for a year, after which it is expired. You need to file an application requesting for renewal before this happens, as you could be charged a reinstatement fee for expired licenses. Always have in mind that it is illegal to make transactions on tobacco products with an expired license and can incur a fine.

How To Get A Tobacco Permit?

Organizations are allowed to submit one application for all their stores, with the condition that necessary information for each store is included with the application

What To Do With The License When You Get It?

After the tobacco license has been issued to you, retailers are mandated to display this license at the location of their businesses. If this is not properly placed in a conspicuous area that can be viewed by everybody, there is the probability of the retailers business being suspended or terminated.

What are the penalties for performing transactions without a tobacco license?

Trading or dealing in the purchase and resale of tobacco products without a license can get you a verdict of paying fines in the least and jail time at the most.

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