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Trademark Registration

Trademark of a brand symbolizes its identity in the market. A trademark could be any word, phrase, name, or symbol or a combination. Trademark discriminates products of different sellers from one another and gives a unique identity to the product. Products become popular by recognizing the trademark of the brand.

The U.S. patent and trademark office (USPTO) reviews trademark applications and are the sole authority to give clearance for federal registration. However, owning a trademark registration is not mandatory but registering trademark has its own advantages such as-

  • You can claim the ownership of the trademark, which will exclusively belong to you.
  • Exclusive right to use the mark enables you to enjoy the sole benefit of goods and services produced under the same trademark.
  • Can claim exclusive right on the trademark at Federal court.

How to check the availability of Trademark?

The trademark of the brand should be stylish and eye-catching to attract buyers. But it becomes a tedious task when our selected trademark conflicts with existing trademarks.
USPTO website offers a free search for all the registered trademarks by using TESS (Trademark Electronic Search System). If your trademark includes design, then you have to search such marks by using a design code.
For the convenience of our clients, we provide two types of searches, “Direct Hit” trademark search and “Comprehensive state & Federal” trademark search.
Direct Hit – Trademark search
Direct Hit trademark search enables the user to search from the U.S. Federal trademark database to recognize the conflicts. If there is any existing application or any ongoing registration for the same tradename, you will get the list of conflicting trade names.

Comprehensive State and Federal – Trademark search

Comprehensive state and federal trademark search protect your unique trademark. It searches all the active and pending trademark applications. Verifies whether proposed trademark is unique or not. The search includes “knockout” trademark searches of the U.S. Federal trademark database and also from State trademark database. If any conflict arises out of the knockout search with a live trademark application, you will be provided with conflicting trademark record.

Some essential facts about Trademark registration

The trademark symbol is denoted by TM (trademark) or SM (service mark) and can be used irrespective of USPTO authorization. However, federal registration symbol “®” can only be used after USPTO legally registers the symbol or trademark. If the registration process at USPTO is pending then it will be considered void. Another very important information which one should consider is that the Federal registration symbol can only be applicable to those goods and services which are listed in the Federal trademark registration.
If you entrust our services we will guarantee for quick Trademark registration process. We maintain amity with law firms to ensure speedy registration process without any possibility of error. Our services are provided at a nominal cost which includes Federal trademark registration fees subject to one class only. (Before filing an application for the trademark, one has to ascertain under which class the goods/ services will be categorized. There are 45 classes or categories for all goods and services).

What are the salient features of our services?

We exude a reliable and affordable trademark registration service to our clients. Our partnership with Legal Sherpa leading trademarking service provider has reinforced our work process. We offer 3 types of packages to accomplish trademark registration process.

Basic Package

It includes basic trademark registration process with USPTO.

Highlights of the package are:

  • Online trademark Questionnaire by Legal Sherpa.
  • USPTO Electronic trademark filing.
  • Legal Sherpa helps to review common errors and determines the accuracy.
  • Graphic trademarks are formatted and digitized if required.
  • Availability of “Direct Hit” trademark search.

Holistic Package

A holistic package comprises of “Basic package” and provides some additional features such as:

  • Extended customer support by Legal Sherpa.
  • We provide a digital copy of the trademark application.
  • Sample cease and desist document.
  • Trademark transfer and assignment agreement sample.
  • Priority same day processing by Legal Sherpa.

Attorney or Solicitor Package

This package includes all the services provided by Basic and Holistic package and few additional services like:

  • Any legal conflict settlement.
  • Attorney or law review and documentation.
  • Helps in correspondence related to legal issues.

Don’t wait to order!

We are specialized in preparing and filing trademark registration application in a competent manner. To avail our professional services, quickly complete our order form.

Once you have assigned the task to us be rest assured for the proper and accurate filing of your documents and application by us. Feel free to call us anytime at our toll-free number for assistance.