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Role of an attorney when starting an LLC

Starting an LLC requires a journey through legal documentation and statutory requirements and a lawyer’s assistance is always a welcoming presence. From the initial stage, where you decide on the type of corporation you want to form, helping you understand the benefits and drawbacks in starting an LLC to helping you with documentation, a lawyer has a huge role to play as you are starting an LLC or any other corporation. This article attempts to delve deeper into the role of an attorney in starting an LLC.

How can an attorney help you?

Documentary assistance

As you are well aware there are documentations and registrations involved when starting an LLC or any other form of corporation. These requirements will vary with the state you are starting an LLC despite where your operations are actually located. The basic documentation when starting an LLC includes Articles of incorporation which needs to be filed with the Secretary of state office in the respective state, formation of bylaws for the company, any other trade or confidentiality agreements, buy/sell related agreements, agreements for stakeholders, operating agreement and even agreement for every employee when starting an LLC.

Different regulations

As you are starting an LLC, whether you are registering in a state where there are tax exemptions or not, you definitely have to read through multiple documents to know the requirements in every state for starting an LLC along with the federal requirements. When you are starting an LLC in a state different from the one you have operations, you need to know the requirements of both the states. But when you have an attorney who has the experience and the expertise, he will be able to guide you on every requirement, from starting an LLC to registration to any other operational agreements with the state where there is only operations, etc.

Prolonged role

The role of an attorney doesn’t just end with the starting of an LLC but you will constantly need the assistance of the expert advice in helping you with other legal matters. They can also help you in management of employment, contractual agreements and handling other business dealings fair and legally.
It is true that you can fill in the forms for starting an LLC with the help of the state office and their instructions. But it always helps to have someone with knowledge on your side when you are starting an LLC.

Experience and expertise

When you have an attorney from an experienced background when starting an LLC, you bring along the expert and experience they possess with years of handling similar cases. They are also well aware of possible roadblocks in starting an LLC and help circumvent or steer clear of them depending on the situation and the kind of business you have. Starting an LLC will definitely be a smoother process, when you have an experienced attorney at your side.

More time for business

With no more time required to expend on legal formalities on starting an LLC, having taken care of responsibly by an attorney, you can focus more on the core processes of running your business.