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“Will you click on the first few search results on the Google search or you will go to the 10th page to get the information?” the answer would be the first few links. Isn’t it? True, people seldom look beyond the first few search results. Some might turn the Google search pages and go till 3rd page but will never go beyond it.  If this is the case then your website might not attract any of the users if it is in 10th or 15th page of your search results. And what you need is the SEO service that BENT Enterprises can offer you.

Advantages of Search Engine Optimization

When your website gets better ranking, it is the important step that you take to get close to your customers. Your brand power gets build up fast through social media and it converts every click to a profitable business. Now, it’s time to understand the specific benefits of SEO to your business


  • Boosts your online sales.
  • Helps to achieve highest rank in search results.
  • Greater brand visibility.
  • Increases the potential of your business.
  • Maximises the customer visits to your website.
  • Brings targeted audience for the sales uplift.
  • Provides unique user experience

The list is endless.

Why should you choose us?

As a leading service provider for SEO, we offer quite a few benefits when you avail our services for your company.

  • Our main motto is to make you achieve the highest rankings in search results and also to attract targeted traffic with increased sales every day. In addition, staying safe is also an important thing that we never neglect to look upon.
  • Each client is different and their requirements too. We never draft a general SEO plan instead we uniquely design every time according to each client’s demand. In fact, we have separate project managers dedicated to your project and a reliable point of contact with whom you can get in touch at any time personally to know the project status.
  • Our team consists of experts in different levels who have got good working knowledge in SEO and who work effectively to enhance the allure of your business. Our R&D team continuously monitors the search engines to find the latest trends and ensure that your website remains compliant.
  • Small companies might focus on less things where as the big ones might require more strenuous focus. That is why we offer different SEO packages at different price levels to facilitate our clients.
  • We are completely transparent at our work. Reports that are taken are communicated to you on regular basis. We also keep updating you on the project status so that you don’t feel disconnected.

For a transparent and an optimal project focus on SEO, get in touch with BENT enterprises.

Advanced SEO Consultation $1,499

Designed to provide a complete technical analysis of SEO on every aspect of website including on-page.

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Link Cleanup Medium $800

This package is suitable for the websites that have a history of Webmaster warning or penalty. Link Cleanup Medium works perfectly by providing up to 7,500 historical backlinks and a removal of 600 links.

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Standard BLOG Outreach $199

Ideal product for campaigns for building links, the standard blog outreach is a package that comes with a keyword per post concept for the highly influential domains with improved trust flow and citation.

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Link Cleanup Large $1,500

This package is suitable for websites that have an active Webmaster warning and an active penalty, Link Cleanup Large works with 2 reconsideration requests, up to 15,000 historical backlinks, and a removal of 1000 links.

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Link Clean Up - Small $300

This package is suitable for a website that demands cleaning with no active Webmaster warning, reaching up to 2000 historical backlinks and a removal of up to 400 links.

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