Custom Web Development & Phone Application Development

Application development and Web development package

Starting an online business might merely require a website and later an application for your customers. But do you really know if that is all you want to do?

Every business has its own unique requirements and industry demands to live up to. And depending on the business, you may have to focus either purely on the web app design or give equal focus to content and other online marketing practices. More often than not, we may have to change our strategy based on the customer response to our existing approach. It is therefore clear that there is no predefined solution and you need to make decisions as you go. This is why we offer you a package where you decide how much time to be spent on what services.

What do we offer?

We offer you a custom development package which will ensure that you get only what you want. This is what you get with this package.

  • Unlike the other preset package here there is no restriction on the number of hours you can avail a particular service.
  • Offered at a mere $12 per hour for a minimum of 100 hours, the main objective of the package is to have our team working on web and application development.
  • You can redeem the extra available hours against any of our other services like content marketing, SEO, etc.

Why is this better package?

As a business owner, you definitely do not want to leave any glitch in marketing your product or service. And that is why you need the assistance of the professional development and marketing company to establish a stronger presence in the online marketplace. Unlike the other packages that are predefined, our application development and web development package has no set limitations and is offered at $1200 for 100 hours. The package offers you 100 hours of our service to help develop web and applications and yet gives you the control to choose how many hours to be spent on the development.

How does this work?

Let us give you an example to help you understand this better. Let us say you have used up to 95 hours of the package on the development aspect and you still have another 5 hours left. In terms of money this will be equivalent to 5* $12 = $60 which can be redeemed against any of our other services like SEO, SMM and other online marketing strategies or other options.

Not only does this option give you a cash back in the form of other services but when using this option you also get a discounted rate. Yes, our normal hourly rate is at $18 per hour for any services and here we are offering you app and web development and more at a mere $12 per hour.

So, do not wait for you have the opportunity of the lifetime to turn things around at a discounted rate! Contact BENT Enterprise to book your package now!

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