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A 100-page SEO website represents a substantial investment in content creation and optimization, and it’s not a strategy typically undertaken lightly. Here’s why such a website is often considered a serious commitment for companies aiming to generate new leads and establish authority in their local market:


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ROI rate for SEO vs. PPC, indicating a significantly greater ROI on SEO compared to PPC.


As you can see in the chart, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) clearly gives you a significantly greater return on investment than Pay Per Click (PPC). This clearly makes SEO superior when attracting new customers towards your business since it is cheaper and has a higher turnaround than PPC. However, in order to attract a large amount of customers, your website needs great SEO so that search engines will recognize and show your website to people when they search for a product or service that you offer. This is where we will come in and help your business grow.


Then look no further, BENT Enterprise will develop your 100 Page SEO website. We will carefully design and craft your website to make it attractive to your loyal and new customers. Your business will also become known on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., so prepare for an influx of new customers! Please continue reading…


As you can see on the spreadsheet, for each keyword/term listed, there is a very high volume of people searching for them, and a varied amount of visits between all of them. Some websites only receive a fraction of the search volume, why is this the case? When there are higher search volumes, usually that means you will have numerous competitors since you are dealing with something popular, so you need excellent SEO and a unique business to stand out. That’s why to a lot of companies, it isn’t worth the money, time and effort to build their online presence. We will handle that part for you, and rest assured, your business will be known online.

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You’ve heard it time and time again, but advertising has completely changed within the past several years. Gone are the days of everyone hearing about a new product or business on their TV, radio, newspaper, etc. With the huge rise in technology and the internet, we’ve also seen advertising change with it. If you don’t have an online presence, your business isn’t reaching it’s full potential. Just leave that part to us! We will make sure your name is heard with our superior SEO plan!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of a website that allows it to be seen when performing searches across various different search engines. Each site is ranked according to multiple different criteria’s. First, the site must be closely associated with the keyword being searched for. Secondly, your site needs to have a great quantity of quality content. If you have a bunch of pages with gibberish, you will not have a good site ranking. Lastly, your pages need to have valid HTML structure, good accessibility, and several meta tags describing the content of the page, as well as the site in general. Good SEO is important because it means that your site is ranked highly on search engines, which in turn, makes your business significantly more likely to be found when people search for a keyword that correlates with your business.

A laptop sitting on a desk with the Google search page visible on the screen.
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Our plan is fully transparent; you will be getting exactly what is promised. You will not need to invest into finding SEO leads elsewhere if you choose us. You will save a lot of money when choosing us since our plan is long-term.


Our plan will benefit your company directly by significantly boosting it’s online presence. Companies in the service industry struggle to get their name out in the modern age because so many of them rely on spread of word, an advertisement in a grocery store or newspaper, but it’s just not sustainable anymore. You will benefit from higher lead turnaround with no PPC advertising over the next several months after signing with us.

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A bird's-eye view of a group of people discussing marketing trends and strategies with various different charts and graphs resembling data.


We will blend the top traffic keywords with your service locations to get you the local SEO success that will exceed your competition. Unlike companies like HOUZZ, we only charge you once for our plan, so you won’t have to pay any commissions for the deals you close and the work you do.


  1. Contact Us and request a quote.
  2. Sign Contracts. You will send us all your needs and your choice of theme for your website.
  3. Research & Development on current SEO trends related to your business. The design process starts here as well.
  4. Development of Site, integrating our analysis and design in step 3.
  5. You receive a draft of your site within 2 weeks after signing. You can check to make sure the site is exactly how you want it.
  6. If step 5 is okay, Finishing touches.
  7. Deploy your site under a carefully chosen domain name with email accounts setup.
  8. Your site is finished.

100 Point Checklist

Our website design process has a 100 point checklist:

  1. SEO-Friendly URLs

    The importance of SEO friendly URLs cannot be overstated. Simply put, if your URLs sound like gibberish, then chances are that your SEO is suffering because of it. We will ensure all of your site’s URLS are valid and that none of them are broken.

  2. Full ADA Compliancy

    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all websites to be fully accessible to those who may have disabilities or impairments. Failure to follow these rules can result in hefty fines. Rest assured, we will follow all guidelines so that everyone will be able to access your website, and you won’t be paying any fines.

  3. Top Rankings in Search Engines

    If you choose us, we will get you to the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search engines as quickly as possible so that you can bring in new customers quickly.

  4. Responsive, Attractive, Optimal Website Designs

    We will ensure your websites are responsive (optimized), and look great across multiple different devices. We also design websites to be as user-friendly as possible, so we strive to make your site as simple as possible to avoid any confusion.

  5. Memorable Domain Names

    Names that are memorable are ones that are simple, but also stand out. We will create a domain that fits your business perfectly and memorable to your customers, as well as one that will stand out for people who haven’t yet seen your business.

  6. 100% Security

    Your site’s security is very important. We will utilize things such as HTTPS encryption, spam protection, and consistent maintenance and backups to make sure nothing happens to your site.

Why Choose Our Plan?

We will develop a 100 Page SEO website which includes the following:

  1. Company Branding

    You will be provided with a new logo, new domain, and we will work on your company branding so that you will be recognizable to not only your loyal customers, but to a wide audience of people. You will also receive business book downloads that may be used for marketing and advertising.

  2. Hosting

    We will handle hosting your website so that your website will have a consistently great amount of uptime, so there’s no need to worry about losing potential customers! We will also handle the SSL certificates for the domain so that the site can have valid certificates which are needed for HTTPS encryption.

  3. Superb SEO

    Your site will be flooded with quality-rich content that no other competitor would offer! 100 pages filled with quality content and several meta tags will get you to the top of Google and Bing in no time.

  4. Social Media

    We will set up several social media accounts and your presence will be known across multiple popular social medias including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

  5. ADA Compliancy

    We will protect you from getting in trouble regarding site accessibility. Did you know that several people/businesses have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because they didn’t make their sites accessible to people who may have disabilities? We won’t let this happen to you.

  6. Backlinks Program

    Basically, a backlink is when your site gets linked to from another in a credible way. This adds credibility to your site since it is being used as a source on a different site. This boosts your overall SEO ranking.

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