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E-Commerce Web Design: We, Bent Enterprise as an e-commerce master for online shopping, we develop efficient, future-proof and scalable e-commerce systems for our customers. Depending on the requirements of the e-commerce operator, we rely on proven open-source on-line shop systems. Already existing components and system landscapes can be flexibly synchronized by us with the Online shop and thus represent the connection between the on- and offline world. Our strengths as an e-commerce agency: – Conception, implementation & development – Responsive design – Individual templates – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Support –......

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WordPress Site Design: We, Bent Enterprise developing the WordPress site design theme completely only in a few projects, as a rule, we even advise our customer of it. The effort for a comprehensive theme development in responsive web design – with all the features that offer professional themes – is immense and only a few customers are ready to program theme updates even in the running mode. We, therefore, create individual WordPress site design based on a premium theme, which we can customize as needed. Our clear recommendation is to create your......

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