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WordPress Site Design:

We, Bent Enterprise developing the WordPress site design theme completely only in a few projects, as a rule, we even advise our customer of it. The effort for a comprehensive theme development in responsive web design – with all the features that offer professional themes – is immense and only a few customers are ready to program theme updates even in the running mode. We, therefore, create individual WordPress site design based on a premium theme, which we can customize as needed. Our clear recommendation is to create your website on the basis of a professional theme. There are many Premium Themes for professional WordPress site design that can be used in businesses.

The main success factors of WordPress site design are the relatively low requirements for hosting and the preinstalled software. WordPress can also be installed on a local web server for development purposes. Bent Enterprise knows very well how to use WordPress in your business. Although many WordPress site design themes are already optimized for a purpose or for an industry, it may be more useful to customize a more general “multipurpose theme” than a purpose-built theme to expand general features. However, with the specialized themes, the extension functions are often very chic integrated, so the expenses should be carefully weighed here.

There are many good-looking, free WordPress site design themes. They typically offer CSS styles for common HTML awards, such as Headings or list. Some also provide integrated plug-ins, e.g. for slideshows, functional extensions are usually not added. On various platforms such as Theme Forest and WordPress.org, however, many professional themes are offered commercially. These usually offer additional features and support depending on the provider.

When looking for a suitable theme as a basis for individualization, we, Bent Enterprise take into account, for example, the following criteria:

– The age of the theme

– Reviews

– The qualification of the author

– The framework used

– Compatibility of the theme

We also recommend taking account of possible expansion stages, e.g. the option eCommerce or a forum to integrate (not all themes contain the necessary templates). Likewise, not all themes are equipped for multilingualism, even if this functionality can always be retrofitted, but if necessary, menus for language switching must be manually adjusted.

Especially with extensive company websites, a full-text search is useful for improving usability. WordPress offers this function from the home, but not every theme provides a corresponding input field in the menu. However, a search can always be inserted as a widget in a sidebar.

What needs to be considered to create a WordPress website for business?

Expectations for a website differ depending on whether you are a visitor or operator of the website: The following features are desirable for visitors to a corporate website with WordPress.

– Intuitive user guidance, e.g. Through appropriate, further content

– Possibility to leave comments

– Direct access to large amounts of content

– Possibly full-text search – for all relevant content

– For the operator or company, a WordPress site should provide the following features:

Following are some points in which Bent Enterprise is expert while designing WordPress site:

  1. Preparation: keyword research and SEO conception

Regardless of the CMS used, every website project – whether relaunching or creating a new website – should start with a keyword search and an SEO concept. This makes it easier to make the right strategic decisions for building the website. Questions such as:

What are our customers looking for?

Which keywords/keywords have a high search volume?

What could search queries include conversion intentions?

The structure and structure of the website should be chosen in such a way that important keywords are taken into account and answered with appropriate content. For example, the keyword research and SEO concept could result in a forum integrated or in a glossary important terms should be treated.

  1. Web design for company website with WordPress:

Web design trends are fast-paced. Just a few years ago, web designers have tried to use the animated flash websites to go new ways in user guidance. However, standards are becoming more and more established whose compliance ultimately benefits usability. Thus, e.g. the company logo often in the upper left, on this is a link to the homepage. At the top right, there are language switching and search input fields. At the top, in the Meta-Menu you will find important pages about the company, jobs, as well as general information. The main menu is usually arranged horizontally and divided into not too many blocks, with much sub-menus help mega-menus to keep the overview. In the Footer are links to the sitemap and the imprint.

  1. WordPress sites for businesses:

There are now also conventions for building a homepage: “Above the Fold”, i.e. in the visible area, a feature slider shows the company’s range of services, including a slogan and/or highlights of the performance spectrum. Important contents are then grouped into blocks, such as customers, products, references, news, etc. In the case of more extensive websites, the footer offers direct links to important pages and possible contacts.

A company web that follows this pattern presents content in a clear form and does not puzzle the visitor. We recommend maintaining established patterns in web design and restricting web design to graphic elements, your website visitors will thank you!

In order to be able to assess the later behavior of the website with regard to loading times, etc. during development, Bent Enterprise always recommend working on the future productive server. To avoid unwanted access to the development environment, the site should be protected by a password. This makes it possible to prevent unfinished content from going or indexed. Using a robust.txt, search engines can also be instructed not to index any content.

Many hosting providers offer a one-click installation, but a separate WordPress installation is not always created. For some vendors, links are instead placed on a central WordPress installation, which makes it easier for vendors to update automatically, but make the site owner more difficult to access directly. We, therefore, start each WordPress project with a fresh installation. Visit www.bententerprise.com/wordpresssitedesign for more details.

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