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E-Commerce Web Design


E-Commerce Web Design:

We, Bent Enterprise as an e-commerce master for online shopping, we develop efficient, future-proof and scalable e-commerce systems for our customers. Depending on the requirements of the e-commerce operator, we rely on proven open-source on-line shop systems. Already existing components and system landscapes can be flexibly synchronized by us with the Online shop and thus represent the connection between the on- and offline world.

Our strengths as an e-commerce agency:

– Conception, implementation & development

– Responsive design

– Individual templates

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– Support

– Maintenance contracts

– Module development

– Involvement of payment providers (PayPal, and etc.)

– Technical Performance Optimization

– Strategy & Marketing

Experts in on-line shop creation and e-commerce Marketing:

As the traditional wholesale and retail trade has shifted more and more to the Internet in recent years, and we have recognized this trend in time, we have started to specialize in business e-commerce platforms for sales and trading at an early stage. Current estimates generally fluctuate between 150,000 and 600,000 online retailers – the trend is growing! We offer our customers the opportunity to sell products and goods over the Internet. Ask us about a targeted strategy to help you communicate with the brand and help you communicate with the market. Complex business processes in medium-sized companies are optimally processed with the aid of intelligent e-commerce software, thus exploiting the full potential of the data. The right strategy is crucial to your successful e-commerce business. You have an online shop, but you are missing sales and customers? With comprehensive know-how in online marketing, we, Bent Enterprise are increasing your sales of the on-line shop and increasing sales sustainably.

With these e-commerce marketing strategies, we bring your online shop of course.

– AdWords campaigns (text, PLA, remarketing)

– SEO for online shops

– Retargeting campaigns

– PPC Marketing

– Facebook Ads

– Usability optimization

– Conversion Rate (CTR) optimization

– Newsletter Marketing

– Affiliate networks

– Banner Advertising

– Connection to Amazon, eBay, ideals & Co

– Optimized landing pages

Transform analogous purchasing environments with sophisticated e-commerce concepts:

For many of our customers, digital transformation means that business processes and models that are running, in the same way, are successfully transferred to the online world. With this step, E-Commerce accompanies you with a wealth of experience and numerous projects. In doing so, the purchasing worlds and existing company values are at the forefront of the implementation. More and more internal and external business processes are in a state of upheaval and the centralization of information can contribute to the digital company strategy and streamline processes.

What do we do?

At, Bent Enterprise, our very well trained and experienced staff are specialists for professional online shops at the pulse of time. We have been developing intelligent software and communication for renowned customers of all sizes and industries.

Consulting, design and strategy development

Want to sell more online? We develop modern strategies for successful communication across all channels. We have strategies on both platforms, online and offline.

Software development according to your wishes

Whether it is web programming, interface development, apps or special management dashboards, you can rely on us.

Corporate web design and programming

We offer user-friendly web design development, tailored to your corporate design, to make you clear from your competitors.

Online campaigns and conversion optimization

Search engine optimization, AdWords campaigns, newsletters, social media marketing and conversion optimization.


We are your partner for professional e-commerce web design and web shop solutions. You receive the complete package from consultation to completion, care, and maintenance. We pay attention to your target groups and advise you on the concept of the entire online value chain.

We, Bent Enterprise always help you to implement the sales solution perfectly tailored to you. So we support your sales processes where you need it and where it makes sense. From simple web shop to fully integrated e-commerce web design business solution with ERP connection


Through cross-media strategies and campaigns, you can draw attention to yourself and your product. SEO, AdWords, and Facebook are platforms that you can use genius. We support you.


Thanks to the intelligent integration of logistics systems and integration of tracking codes, you have an e-commerce web design solution that saves you work and makes automation available.


Convince yourself through an attractive design, fully integrated content and community management and the focus on brand experience.


Automate simple processing with PIM (Product Information Management), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration.


Through user-friendly and high-quality e-commerce web design solutions with a variety of different payment solutions, you are able to quickly and easily complete sales.


E-commerce systems must be constantly maintained and maintained. We are able to optimize and optimize your system and help you optimize your conversion and that everything runs smoothly.


Physical as well as digital goods in all shapes and colors, in different variants, configurations, and instant downloads. Extensions allow you to offer bookings, memberships, and recurring subscriptions. Perhaps you want to sell material goods through monthly subscriptions or offer your members a discount on digital downloads? Everything is possible!

Do you offer free shipping, shipping charges, or real-time shipping cost calculations? Do you want to restrict shipping to certain countries or deliver it to the whole world? The shipping is extensive and individually configurable. Everything perfectly tailored to the customer. Every little thing is supported by logistics systems that support and optimize your work processes. Bent Enterprise has a little more options than you have ever wished to have in your E-commerce web design.

Support for all popular credit cards, PayPal, Advance/Referral and Last Name. Do you need more options? There are now more than 140 region-specific gateways and interfaces that can be integrated. Among these are popular providers such as PayPal, Instant Transfer or Credit Card. Bent Enterprise can connect any type of payment gateway so it can be convenient to you and to your customers. Our e-commerce web design systems allow complete control over your shop. From taxes to stock volumes to user accounts and logistics, they have it in their hands and overview. You can add and modify products, Order History, Delivery Status, Wish Lists and every other thing which you wish to add.


We help you to realize an e-commerce web design solution which perfectly harmonizes with the warehouse, the administration, orders and the end customer. With the user management and authentication option, you always have all products and data under control and the payment gateway integration supports you in the smooth payment.

In order to get the full details about the E-commerce Web Design – visit www.bententerprise.com/e-commercewebdesign.

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