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Learning About Logo Design


Logo Design:

A logo says a lot about a company and its products. It stands for brands and is to trigger a reaction immediately. We, Bent Enterprise do very well know the value of your company logo. The logo must attract attention and trigger a kind of demand in potential customers. Equally important is the aspect of trust building. A brand that has never disappointed you, one likes to recommend further and remains faithful to her. But what do you do when you do not have a suitable logo design as an entrepreneur? A good option is the so-called outsourcing. This is where you write your order. In doing so, you enter your company profile, such as size and target group. It is ultimately decisive for whom the logo is designed. In doing so, the creativity has to get involved with the company and deal with it in a targeted manner. This is the only way to make a logo look professional and meet its image.

At, Bent Enterprise, our logo design team is experts and we know all the fundamentals what makes a good logo? And we would like to share some points for your better understanding. Following are the different criteria that our designers always pay attention to:

– Comprehensibility:

The logo must be immediately understandable, so it can identify with even a small child. In this case, it is a question of selecting a word-image mark. The icon is linked to the brand name and thus creates understanding.

– Memorability:

The logo should remain in memory and serve as an association. You also have to remember that the logo looks good all the time. Be it on your own product, but also on stationery and eventual merchandise such as t-shirts or pens.

– Target Group:

A logo must be aligned directly with the target group. Certain people should be made aware of their own activities. A toy manufacturer will, for example, wish for a more playful logo, while a doctor is looking for a discreet and trustworthy design.

– Time Neutral:

A logo must be on the pulse of time. It may only be changed at large intervals – if necessary. You should never change the entire design. This might even confuse existing customers and discourage them from buying again. Therefore, always remain faithful to yourself, plan these procedures carefully and always keep your target group in mind. As a prominent example, Microsoft can be mentioned here. In 2012, the software giant changed his logo for the first time in 25 years. To the pure lettering are four tiles, which symbolize four screens: TV, PC, tablet, and smartphone.

We, Bent Enterprise always take care of our clients and you will have a meeting with our Logo Design team and understand each and everything about their business so the designer can understand what types of the logo will suit your business.

Following are some major points that our designers keep in their mind while designing a logo for your organization:

– We define and visualize the goal of the logo design:

We, Bent Enterprise always know that it is very crucial to know its target group exactly. Only in this way is a targeted and appropriate approach possible. This starts with the logo design. Whether male or female, old or young, private or business customers – these and many other criteria must be considered for a suitable design. Also, think about what your target group expects from your company. Each logo conveys a message. Bent Enterprise makes sure your logo is the right one. In addition to the company name and the image mark, the chosen colors, the industry, the offered products, and the services also play a role. Everything has to fit together. A slogan embedded in the logo can further strengthen the message.

– Must have features of a logo:

No company is like the other, so it should be the logo. It must be unique and therefore distinctive. Do not give too delicate designs, because the maximum success is achieved by simple and memorable forms. This results in a simple recognition and thus a high recognition value.

The recognition value is very important because in this way the familiarity of a company or a brand is built up over time. Since a logo has a very long duration, the design should be timeless. Smaller adjustments are, of course, possible and not unusual, but the recognition value must not be lost.

– We determine elements in the logo design:

It is easier with a word and picture mark because the company name can be supported graphical elements. The elements show what your company is doing. As is well known, pictures are also easier to remember than words. It also leaves room for creativity. For example, E.g. in the company name Terms, which can also be displayed graphically? Or can image elements and lettering merge into one another? There are different possibilities, also initials, a coat of arms or figures are conceivable.

– We choose the shape and color of the trademark:

Another important point is the shape and color of the logo design. Especially in the case of color, you should rather make a few thoughts too much than too little. Colors express a lot. What is the meaning of which color? What qualities and emotions do they convey? Which color is best for which industry? There are all sorts of guides on the Internet, which offer a good help. Explaining everything here would go beyond the contribution. However, Bent Enterprise will deal more extensively with this topic in one of our future contributions.

However, it is extremely important to deal with the number of colors used more sparingly. It is best to use only one dominant color and, if necessary, one to two more. We recommend that you should never use more than three colors, which would harm the recognition value. In addition, it is important that a logo design is always recognizable in black and white. The colors should, therefore, form a good contrast to each other. It is best to have a black and white one available from the beginning.

If you are not sure what exactly type of logo design you are looking for? Do not worry; Experts of Logo Design from Bent Enterprise will always help you from the initial stages of your business. If it finds quite interesting, visit www.bententerprise.com/logodesign for more details.

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