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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

100 Point Checklist

What Does Our 100 Point Checklist Plan Include?

Checklist includes

  • SEO-Friendly URLs
  • No Broken URLS and 404 Error Pages on invalid URLS
  • Full ADA Accessibility Compliancy
  • Top Rankings in Search Engines
  • Responsive and Attractive Website Designs
  • Optimal UX Design
  • Valid Page Structures
  • Lightning Fast Sites with optimized compression
  • Memorable Domain Names
  • Emails using the Domain Name, and Email Signatures
  • Contact Forms and any other necessary forms to connect with your customers
  • Internationally accessible pages; No content will be compromised/changed for other countries
  • Full Security including HTTPS encryption, database security, and consistent updates to your website.
  • Spam prevention
  • Consistent Site Maintenance and Backups

If you’d like to check out the full checklist, please visit this page.

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