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Practical Guide to Reserve Your Company Name

While incorporating your business may not be a part of your plan, for now, it is advisable to keep your business name reserved to prevent other people from using it.

Firstly, choose a business name. Once that is done, you can reserve the name for a specific period of time before you register it. It is noteworthy that each state has specific reservation period.

In the record, you should specify whether you are reserving a limited partnership (LP), a corporation, a nonprofit organization or a limited liability partnership (LLP). If you don’t specify or if someone is using the name, your documents will be rejected.

Our company can help you find out if the business name you chose is available or not at no cost. It may take a whole day to complete this search.

If the name is available, you may decide to reserve it. Otherwise, you can form an LLC or Corporation with the name. It will be our pleasure to assist you with whatever decision you arrive at.

Are you ready to hire our service?

If you are ready to order, our company will give you a form to fill. After the completion of the form, the company will prepare an application for your name reservation and file the application professionally.

If you patronize us, rest assured that your application and company documents are filed accurately.

Our representatives are there to help you if you contact immediately via chat or telephone.

Note: There is a distinction between business registration and business reservation. In the former, your business name is registered with the government while the latter refers to keeping your business name so that others cannot use the same name.