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The Procedure for a Newsletter Article For A Start-Up Business

The state mandates that a business advertises through publication of legal announcements through newspaper that are specifically qualified to advertise for the said business. Part of what makes the newspaper qualified to make this legal announcement, is the location the business formed is in. on completion of the legal advertising process, the newspapers are required to file and affidavit of publication.

An affidavit of publication is proof that the publication of the legal announcement happened on the date the newspaper published. It is sworn in by authorised personnel qualified to handle these kinds of affairs i.e. the notary public. This sworn affidavit has to be submitted to the state authorities for proof and recording purposes.

Yes, but this is dependent on the state of business formation. Publication of one to three legal announcements is mandated for companies by some states, to show the public that they are in business.

New companies aren’t the only ones required to publish a legal announcement. Companies that wish to create a foreign entity by performing transactions in another state and business operating under the tag “doing business as”, are required to publish announcements after which an affidavit is to be procured.

We offer services for a large range of businesses by making sure that your company is mandated to publish legal documents. On confirmation of this fact, we make sure we review the rules and regulations necessary to make this a success, before filing and preparing the accurate documents to get things started. States require companies to publish legal announcements based on the type of business that has been formed. For instance in states like, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska corporations are required to file publications. For Start-ups, states like New York require publications. Minnesota, Illinois, Florida, and Californiarequire DBA’s and sole businesses to publish a legal announcement. Some states allow more than one type of business to publish these advertisements. Arizona for one allows corporations and LLC’s, Pennsylvania its corporations and DBA’s Nebraska allows corporations, LLC’ and Georgia allows corporations and DBA’s.

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Your company gets suspended. Filing for an affidavit regardless of whether the government requires it is the best step to take, as proof might be required at any point in time and failure to produce this proof would mean automatic suspension.

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