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Companies are required to fulfill certain obligations to ensure that they don’t lose their businesses. Obligations like annual fees or having working registered agents have to be checked consistently to ensure that the state does not suspend or out rightly terminate your business.

A company’s termination is not always absolute and certain things can be done to return the company to its original state. After said changes have been put in place, it is necessary to file for business reinstatement in the state where the company operates.

Considering The Time Factor as a Way to Prevent the Company’s Termination

Making adequate changes and filing for reinstatement should not be left for too long. This is because while some states allow for reinstatement whenever the business is ready, others have deadlines which if not met could lead to the permanent terminating of the company. The only state without reinstatement rules are Alabama which means on termination the only way a company can get back on its feet is by starting over.

How to Go About Reinstating Your Company

Reinstatement as said above depends on the state and regulations set in place. Our services include making the proper enquires as to whether the business can be reinstated to prevent wasting of time and effort.

When we get the go ahead, our service finds out what needs to be done before filing for reinstatement. If things like annual fees have been requested for payments, then there will be additional fees for lateness.

If the answer is positive we would inquire about the necessary fees, besides the actual fee for the reinstatement. Those would usually be the missing annual fees or taxes, plus whatever late fees added on top of them.

Our service prepares and files articles of reinstatements for clients, who want to get their companies up and running again.

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