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Let your business be big or let your business be small. Make your business grow exponentially with thoughtful and visually appealing graphic designs from BENT Enterprise.

Who are we?

We are a team of highly talented and creative individuals who can provide you with effective, thoughtful and highly relative graphical images that will help to take your business to the next level. We understand that need to keep you in line with the evolving technology and that is why we keep ourselves updated on the latest concepts and trends in designing and also keep a watchful eye on the evolving platforms.

The concept in designing and the way your customers perceive your company also undergoes a lot of changes and you wouldn’t want your business to fall between the cracks for lack of modernism. At BENT Enterprise, we are a bunch of highly intellectual, skilled and creative professionals who have the experience of designing across multiple industrial segments.

What can we do for you?

Do you already have a strong platform online and you want to rejuvenate it to meet the existing standards of customer expectations? Then let us help you with designs that will spruce up your website and your campaigns, making it more in trend with the tastes of your consumers. As part of our graphic design services, we offer our customers with 4 different packages, based on their budget and their business requirements.

  • All of the packages will provide you pages of graphic design with the first two packages offering 8 pages and the 3rd and 4th one offering 2 pages.
  • In packages 1 and 3, you will 2 initial concepts as against the other two packages where there will be one initial concept.
  • There will be 5 stock photos across all the packages.
  • The first and third package can have up to 6 revisions while the 2nd and the 4th one can have up to 3 revisions.

The cost of the package will differ and you can additionally opt for other features like getting an additional picture or an additional change to the design at a very nominal cost.

For any business to reach the peaks of success, you need a graphic design that is not just professional but it also speaks to every customer at their individual level. Our graphic designers ensure that your picture easily replaces pages of information concisely and crisply.

Why should you hire us?

Are you looking for a professional who can transfer your visions onto the digital paper? Then you have come to the right place for BENT Enterprise provides you unparalleled designs that will build a brand image for new companies and rejuvenate your brand for the existing establishments. Here are some reasons on why we are the best option for your graphic design requirements.

  • We are living in an era where visually driven content has the best outreach and you definitely don’t want to be one among the crowd. If you want your design to be unique, catchy and yet can completely justify your product visually, then you need a team of skilled graphic designers from BENT enterprises.
  • We study the industry that you work in, with more focus on the trending conceptual designs and then prepare a strategy that helps elevating your business towards growth.
  • Another factor that consumers expect from you is consistency and a certain amount of constant presence. And yet they look forward to something more artistic and creative and different every time they look at your website or your company graphics. You need to revamp your design at regular intervals and yet maintain a certain level of continuance. We ensure that your design while looking refreshed will certainly retain certain amount of familiarity to the customers.
  • If there is one way to get through to your customer with a real story, then it is through infographics, which is the current best of effective communication online. Whether you are a businessman or a technical writer, or an educator or a scientist, we have solutions for everyone. We provide your information clearly and in a more visually impactful manner so that it reaches your customers correctly.
  • We have a team of designers who can enhance your existing content, both informational and advertising oriented, into something that will immediately attract attention. Furthermore, we guarantee that with our designers at the helm, there will be a steady increase in traffic and followers for your website online.
  • It is not simply imaging that we are skilled at. We also offer motion graphics, which is the latest trending technology, used by many leading businesses to grab attention and customers. We can help integrate your presentation with animated content and ensure that your message comes across clear to all segments of your target audience.
  • We are skilled at making graphic and video presentations for providing information, to educate, to advertise and also to entertain. We understand the nuances between each of these objectives and we work accordingly for each of the segments.
  • We offer complete commitment in what we do and we stick to our timelines stringently. We are very concerned about our diligence and on time delivery and we work towards the same.
  • Most importantly we offer you complete transparency at every stage of the design, be it at the conceptual visualization or at the time of the first framework, we open the discussions and take your inputs into consideration with equal measure.
  • Our designs are not randomly innovative but we offer designs that are made after in-depth research into the business and industry. That is why the designs that we have made so far has always brought the desired results to our clients.

Are you looking for highly skilled and experienced designers working on your company website and for your ad campaign? Do you want your designs to be engaging and not just appealing? Then contact us today at BENT Enterprise.


Package 1

  • Up to 8 Pages
  • 2 Initial Concepts
  • 6 Revisions
  • 5 Stock Photos


Package 2

  • Up to 8 Pages
  • 1 Initial Concepts
  • 3 Revisions
  • 5 Stock Photos


Package 3

  • Up to 2 Pages
  • 2 Initial Concepts
  • 6 Revisions
  • 5 Stock Photos


Package 4

  • Up to 2 Pages
  • 1 Initial Concepts
  • 3 Revisions
  • 5 Stock Photos


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